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Working with Sketchup.

Introducing Google Sketchup 3D Modeling

If you are a builder or developer and you are not using Google Sketchup you will soon.

sketchupSketchup is a modeling tool that will allow you to view you residential or commercial building project in 3D. We can create both interior views and exterior views of your building. Previously 3D design was costly and time consuming. Buying a version of 3D Auto cad cost thousands of dollars and was very complicated to learn. Now with sketchup you can get the 3D designs you need in an easy to use program and its FREE.

Sketchup is perfect for the design phase of your project. Want to see how your design will look in the real world? Want to know how a design change will look. We can create a 3D model which will give you real life view. Feel confident that your design will turn out as you intended.

Already have your design? We can work from your blueprints and create a 3D design of your project. Making changes on a project? Client doesn’t understand blueprints or just don’t have the vision needed to understand how your design will look. Now you can show them with a 3D model using Google Sketchup.

Download and operating Instructions

Using Google sketchup is easy. Download The FREE version and get started. I have provided a variety of models for you to review. Click on the links below and download to your computer for viewing. Once opened you can change views by selecting the preset Scene Tabs in the upper left corner of the viewing area
.Download Google Sketchup

If you are interested in learning more on how to use google sketchup i have provided you with a few links to Youtube video tutorials. They are short and easy to follow. If you are interested in learning more there is a lot of information online that can help.
Video Tutorial how to use sketchup

3D Models Samples – Download the model and view them in Google Sketchup

These are several models that we have created for clients. In many cases we take a single view from the model and create a watercolor rendering that is used for Marketing.

cabin sketchup model watercolor rendering of a log home
Cabin Rendering
sketchup-house-model watercolor rendering of a new home
House Rendering
sketchup model of a church watercolor rendering of a church
Church Rendering
Sketchup model of a church watercolor renderin of a church
Gym Rendering
sketchup model of a church watercolor rendering of the interior of a resteraunt
Restaurant Rendering

Additional Models

sketchup model of a community pool office park sketchup model
Sketchup model of a cabin Sketchup model of a bathroom

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  • I am a teacher in Sydney, Australia. I would like to try Google Sketchup with my Year 5 class. Your vtuiral gallery is amazing! Was Google Sketchup hard to use? Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

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