Architectural Watercolor Rendering Services and Real Estate Marketing

New Home Perspective Rendering Process

Here is a sample of how we create a perspective rendering of a new home for a client. During each of the steps we submit proofs to the clients to review. You can offer suggestions or make changes before proceeding to the next step.

Client: Heather Calder, Realty Point, New Orleans 

Step 1 Clients BlueprintsArchitectural Watercolor Rendering Process blueprints

We need the elevations and ground floor plan from the blueprints. A pdf of the prints is fine we do not need a cad file.

Step 2- Establish the ViewArchitectural Watercolor Rendering Process Sketchup Views

We create the first proof using the Google Sketchup software. This  allows us to use the prints to create a rough 3D model of the house. Once complete we can rotate the house to get different views. The client chooses the best view of the home and we use that view as the basis of your rendering.

Step 3- Detailed drawing of the houseArchitectural-Watercolor-Rendering-Process Black and white proof


At this point we render the image in black and white showing the details of the hose, landscaping, sidewalks and driveways.

Step 4- The final rendering of your home

Architectural Watercolor Rendering-Process Final color rendering

The final watercolor rendering of your home. You provide us with a color scheme and we paint the rendering of the home by hand in watercolors. We can work with specific manufactures colors or basic color ideas.

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